Thursday, 3 November 2016


A big mystical ape-like creature was into the existence in its shadow, in North America. A few people became direct witness of this creature, yet unexplored it in scientific ways. This non homo-sapiens body looks so huge with immensely muscled body covered with thick hair, which disappears easily in the background. Its existence is only in the form of Bigfoot with footprint of 14 by 8 inches in 1811 and so is the beast named as Bigfoot.

There were many tales cooked around this Bigfoot beast with the names of ‘hairy giant of the woods’, ‘Sasquatch’ etc. There were many crews encouraged to go to find it. Media too had reports of people attacked by strange creatures in this area, and the area became more popular during that decade.

Big Foot Image

An interesting incident that happened in October 1967, when two people were passing by on horse ride, one was thrown away from horse and the other chased the beast with rifle and the footage and is the only evidence of the beast apart from its footprint. Russians attempt to coordinate the speed of the footage and revealed that it is actually a lumbering giant. However, in recent past too, people have reported UFOs, about the strange ape-man with bright red eyes. This seven foot beast is still unexplored even with its bones or body from more than two centuries.

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