Saturday, 5 November 2016

Loch Ness Monster

The most mythical beast that was hunted most and talked most about, must be ‘Nessie’, after which only, the phenomenon of unexplained mysteries had come into existence. Though she appears quite regular in documentaries, movies, cartoons she is so shy full to appear for scientific investigations. She did well for the native tourist industry, being an internationally well known celebrity.

The first existence and tale of Nessie was in AD 565, when a swimmer was rescued from it in Loch Ness Lake of thousand feet deep and one and half mile width. Experts have their dimension of understanding this beast as a large marine animal. The tale has got its extension when a couple felt it sighting a strange enormous animal playing in the water and followed by a man who felt to sight it completely with thirty feet long, six feet long neck, huge hump and serpentine head after a road was built in 1933 near the lakeshore. Similar experience was encountered when a couple drove the car and a young student rode on the same road, as it suddenly strolled on the way and disappeared suddenly passing into the water.

Loch Ness Monster Image

The ‘Operation Deepscan’ underwater camera employed by Academy of Applied Science from Massachusetts in 1970 have revealed many pictures from which not even single picture gave complete picture of the monster. In 2000, underwater search team found voices underwater and still the mystery continues. 

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