Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Mongolian Death Worm

A danger in the form death lies just under the sand dunes in Gobi desert. There is not even a single human who survived after completely seen and come close in contact to it. All it needs is a human standing, to split and throw lethal toxin or induce some kind of massive electric charge raising its head above the sand, even from far away and covers the human body over with corroded yellow colored acidic substance and kills a human instantly. This four feet utmost dangerous creature is called as ‘the intestine worm’, which looks red, fat and looks like a snake.

Though such a dangerous man-eater creature was existed, a very little is known about it to the west, as Mongolia was in the hands of Russia until 1990. After knowing about it, one of the detectives of the Loch Ness monster, after interviewing and investigating about this strange yet dangerous animal, concluded that these creatures are more than legend existed.

Scientists do not name it as a worm, as it cannot survive in such hot desert, not even as a skink as this Mongolian Death Worm does not have limbs. Finally experts came to a common conclusion, naming it as venomous snakes, with no limbs and soft skin surface though there is a lot to explore about this deadly worm.

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