Saturday, 12 November 2016


This is not a fiction story from an English movie. In fact, it is giant humanoid, hardly found in the scientific investigations. A seven foot tall creature, which has huge red glowing eye catchy from farther along with huge wings of around ten feet flies and ascends to the sky in just no time. Though did not harm human so far, pets were found mutilated. However, looking at this new creature instantly instills the fear in the heart of the human.

People with a small number of residents in West Virginian happened to see it in 1960. The terrifying and horrifying creature was named as Mothman by them. There is a location called Point Pleasant here, a brown human being flew in the air and passed over their heads on 12th November by 1966.


A close encounter was happened in next three days, when two young couple drove near McClinic Wildlife Preserve, which was familiar as TNT, where the remains of Second World War explosives were depot. They found a door was ripped off and two red shining eyes shaped, like a man with wings folded at back. It literally haunted them above their cars and disappeared after reaching the city limits, with few more cases of giant bird were reported at the police station then and later. Strangely Radio and Television sets were disrupted and a man sighted this strange human animal, after which their pet dog was disappeared. Final act before it completely disappeared with no notice is believed to be the collapse of Silver Bridge, which links Ohio and Point Pleasant that caused death of 46 people.

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