Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Beast of Bodmin

Bodmin is panther-like creature, which refuses to disappear, happened to be in National Park of Southwest England. Experts suspect it to be not one, in fact part of a large breeding population because of over sixty sightings found so far, though government over there declares nothing about such big cat or panther like creature.

However, a 20 second recorded video about a large size cats, would not let many to relax with the government declaration. Spotting of odd beast at the roadside by quarry weighbridge worker also increases the belief of these beasts. Another strong evidence is found in terms of biological evidence of the skull and bones, which were examined by the mammal specialists and declared closeness to cat head and about unnatural species found in that area.

Beast of Bodmin

The existence of large cats are related in a way that the beasts are believed to be native species of the cats. Continuous evidences were recorded in 1999, when two sheep and calf were torn into pieces unusually and in 2001 when a large cat was found in garden house from North London. Military as well as RSPCA inspectors, though made an attempt to hunt, they still remain unexplored in 1998 and 2001. Another dimension, worth relating here is that there can be coincidence of a chance of missing animals of the zoo.

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