Friday, 4 November 2016

The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui had been seen and felt by many people as a giant, devil or robes, when mists and fogs roll on the way of cairns in Ben MacDhui, with 4000 feet, the second highest mountain of Scottish Highlands.

The first witness found about it was Collie, who felt a giant was following him with 3 or 4 times longer of his footprints, walking down from the peak in 1891. The same person was later felt to be pushed for long way till the cliff edge. Right after his revealing, many people felt and believed to see a strange being in the same area. In 1990, three persons experienced the same feel of a huge and strange non-human like being had been following them during their walk. Later the same experience had been felt by them, when they drove parallel with strange being to follow them running with 45 miles per hour.

The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui

Mixed opinions of people named it as beast, ghost, alien etc. A mythical story was cooked saying that this Big Grey Man was a gatekeeper of the gateway of another dimension of Ben MacDhui. The suspense continued and continues and there are hardly people who dare to enter Ben MacDhui once again.

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