Monday, 7 November 2016

The Lusca and The St Augustine Monster

An interesting saying is that we explore and know more about the far away moon, but less about the bottom of deep oceans. This saying seems to be true with the multiple evidences of strange and enormous creatures which are lurked under the water, yet to be unexplored from the seas and Oceans, throughout the world.

Lusca, is believed to be a giant octopus from deep underwater that strongly captures small boats and unwary swimmers.  The first sighting of this huge carcass with 18 feet width, 23 feet length with multiple legs was found in 1896, by two cyclists over the coast. It was photographed and described to be silvery pink axe-proof body and assumed to weigh 6 to 7 pounds. Later an explored creature, a squid has been compared with the same and found it to be different. A few of informed scientists showed interested and assumed it to be long tentacles of Octopus.

The St Augustine Monster 

In recent years too, the existence of similar unexplored species happened to be sighted by fishermen and said that it with multiple legs was attacking him. In 2003 April too, a surprising colossal squid of 50 feet was happened to be found within Antarctic water. Out of many unexplored, a beast from St. Augustine is an another.

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