Monday, 14 November 2016

The Ogopogo

Like many other beasts, this mythical beast attracts the bounty hunters’ affections. Sounding similar to the mystical Loch Ness monster, it is said to be the cousin of it from North America. Though it pinches with its small actions, people used to believe it to be a tale, its existence was found in mid 1800 and continues. Witnessed in Lake Okanegam in Canada with 1000 feet deep and 100 feet long, Salish tribe perceives it to be a terrible serpent and named it as ‘N’ha-a-tik’ which gives the meaning of Lake Demon. According to its sightings, it has a head like horse with green skin with many humps on it and the entire body is 50 meter long. 

The more evidences have been found from 1800, when immigrants continuously watched a strange phenomenon in the lake. However, the first clear story was told by a man, moving across the lake with two horses swimming found huge force pulling the horses back and he was finally saved, after detaching from them.

The mystery went on for this Fabled Ogopogo monster, taking lives of many natives and threatening the entire community. With the increased threat of this legendary creature, three companies around the lake had announced $2 billion rupees, if anyone finds it definitive with living proof bust is still unexplored. 

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